LASIK Eye Surgery in Erie, PA 

The following LASIK and LASEK Procedures are offered in Erie, PA by Dr. Zimm:

With multiple LASIK Eye Surgery correction procedures available to you, ZImm Cataract & Laser Center is the best choice for your LASIK needs. With years of experience performing LASIK in the Erie, PA areas Dr. Zimm keeps his clients educated and engaged in the LASIK process. If you are think you are a good candidate for the LASIK procedure, schedule a consultation with us today! 

Bladeless LASIK using the Ziemer Femtosecond laser available in Erie, PA at Zimm Cataract & Laser Center.

Dr. Zimm uses the Ziemer™ for blade-free LASIK.

What is the Ziemer™ Femtosecond Laser?
The Ziemer Femtosecond is a 100% blade-free technique used to perform the critical first step in the LASIK procedure: creating the corneal flap. The creation of the corneal flap prepares the eye for the second step of the LASIK procedure, where an excimer laser is used on the inner cornea to correct vision.

How does the Ziemer Method™ work?
The Ziemer Method uses tiny, rapid pulses of laser light to create your corneal flap—instead of using a metal blade—during the first step of LASIK. Each pulse of light passes through the top layers of your cornea and forms a microscopic bubble at a specific depth and position within your eye that is determined by the doctor. The Ziemer™ laser moves back and forth across your eye, creating a uniform layer of bubbles just beneath your corneal surface. Just prior to applying laser vision correction, Dr. Zimm creates your corneal flap by gently separating the tissue where these bubbles have formed. The corneal flap is then folded back so Dr. Zimm can perform the second step of your LASIK treatment.

Dr. Zimm uses a VISX Star S4 laser with iris registration technology and eye tracking technology for the vision correction portion of the procedure. CustomVue LASIK or “custom” LASIK is also available with the VISX laser. Custom LASIK has the advantage of being able to help tailor the treatment to the unique curvature of each person's eye.

VISX laser systems have been used to perform millions of laser vision correction procedures in the U.S. and around the world. Every year, more doctors use VISX lasers to perform laser vision correction surgery than any other system. The VISX STAR S4 is one of the most advanced systems on the market today.

This technologically-advanced laser offers faster treatments using variable spot beam technology and an eye tracking system that tracks in all three dimensions.
Lasik procedure step-by-step

    "No matter which LASIK procedure you may be looking for, from "bladeless" to "traditional", Dr. Zimm performs them all!"

Performing Safe and Precise LASIK Vision Correction in Erie, PA

A prerequisite to performing safe and precise laser refractive surgery is the ability to accurately measure the shape, thickness and contour of the cornea both pre- and post-operatively.

Dr. Zimm is also the only physician in the Erie, PA region to use Pentacam technology to map your corneas. The Pentacam is one of the only systems available with the capability to map the front and back surfaces of your cornea to help ensure candidacy for LASIK. According to numerous studies, pathology and thinning disorders usually show up on the back surface of the cornea before the front surface of the cornea. It is, therefore, imperative to have your eye scanned with a device such as the Pentacam to help “screen-out” these disorders which are a contraindication to laser vision correction surgery.

Why Pentacam is Superior...

The Pentacam images the anterior segment of the eye by a rotating Scheimpflug camera measurement. This rotating process supplies pictures in three dimensions. The center of the cornea, which is most critical for refractive surgery planning, is measured very precisely because of this rotational imaging process. The measurement process lasts less than two seconds and minute eye movements are captured and corrected simultaneously. As a result of the short imaging time and 3-D image stitching it is possible to measure 25,000 true elevation points precisely and reproducibly.

WaveScan Wavefront System

WaveScan technology was originally developed for use in high-powered telescopes to reduce distortions when viewing distant objects in space. This technology has now been applied to laser vision correction, measuring imperfections in the eye never before measured using standard methods for glasses and contact lenses.

WaveScan-based digital technology identifies and measures imperfections in your eyes 25 times more precisely than standard methods. The powerful WaveScan software translates the information into a set of CustomVue treatment instructions for the laser. These digital treatment instructions are then transferred to the laser, driving a new level of precision and accuracy.

Advanced Surface Ablation or LASEK

After your consultation with Erie, PA LASIK Surgeon, Dr. Zimm he may determine that LASIK is not the procedure for you. There are other options for patients that are not candidates for LASIK. Advanced Surface Ablation or LASEK is a vision correction procedure that Dr. Zimm performs for patients with thin corneas or abnormally curved corneas. It involves no flap creation. The very surface layer of the cornea (Epithelium) is gently peeled back and a laser treatment is then performed to correct your vision using the VISX Laser. LASEK has a longer healing period than LASIK but ultimately patients can expect very similar if not the same vision results that they would achieve with LASIK.

If you are interested in LASIK in Erie, PA contact Zimm Cataract & Laser Center at 814-453-4575 today to set up your consultation.



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